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Now that the regular television season is winding down and finales are fast approaching, I’d like to give a much needed update to my much-watch list—the new shows that made the cut and held my attention and the shows didn’t pass my Three Episode Test, dropped off my list, and fizzled out of my mind.

Shows that didn’t make the cut:
The Good Doctor – I’m sure it is a good show, and Freddie Highmore is an actor I’ve liked in the past, but for some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around him in this role. His pattern of speech and mannerisms were too obvious as he portrayed someone with high-functioning Autism. Perhaps my issue is that I am an Occupational Therapist who worked in schools and had classes of children with autism from kindergarten through high school. Whatever the issue, I only watched episodes.

Power – Another show that a lot of people rave about, and it looks like if given a chance I might like it. But most of the shows I watch are dramas and I guess there was no room in my life for this one.

Marvel’s Inhumans – Does it still come on? I didn’t even get through episode one.

Marvel’s The Gifted – I was excited for this one and couldn’t get through the second episode.

Will and Grace – Loved it the first go-round, but I couldn’t buy into it this time. I can’t remember the character with the voice…Karen, maybe? I’m not interested enough to look it up, but that voice, I just can’t.

The Magicians – I enjoyed the first two seasons but my motivation has diminished.

Now for some surprise shows I never expected.

White Famous (don’t know if it’s coming back)
Riverdale – Where did you come from!?!?
Growish – I know, I’m 14!
The Resident – New obsession, and I don’t usually watch medical shows. Matt Czuchry is giving Grant Gustin a run for his money!

And, still dear to my heart:
This Is Us (though I am getting less and less inclined to hit play on my DVR)
The Good Place
Designated Survivor
And of course my favorite THE FLASH!

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