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Movie night happened again. My husband was an absolute trooper. The first movie, Logan Lucky was right up his alley. The second one, Game Over, Man! wasn’t, but it was still good fun. I also lined up I Kill Giants, but when I watched the preview I knew that would send him straight upstairs. I stuck it out, though, so I’m going to review all three.

Ratings based on 1 to 5 lightning bolts ⚡

Logan Lucky came out in 2017. I don’t even remember seeing advertisements for it, but it was free with Amazon Prime, and Channing Tatum is in it. Given my husband’s love of NASCAR, I figured it could keep his attention. The story follows the unlucky Logan siblings as they muddle through a working-class life. Channing as Jimmy Logan gains our sympathy right away. The movie features a star-studded cast, and Farrah Mackenzie, who plays Jimmy’s daughter is a talented young actor and absolutely adorable. I love movies that make me question my morals (when I root for the bad guy). Sure, they’re breaking the law, but life has dealt them some real lemons. If you love a movie that is smart and creative, while keeping you rooting for the underdog, then Logan Lucky is a great weekend watch. I give it ⚡⚡⚡⚡.

We found Game Over, Man! scrolling through the Netflix library. If you are looking for a Die Hard parody that is raunchy, twisted, and funny most of the time, this is it. There’s sex, drugs, and a lot of blood. This is not the movie for the intellectual movie-goer; this one is for the nonjudgmental viewer who just wants to have a good time. I give it ⚡⚡.

I Kill Giants was unexpected in so many ways. The main character, Madison Wolfe, plays an angry Barbara Thorson, who is obviously in great pain. Madison nails the emotions of Barbara, and throughout a great deal of the movie I wondered if she was suffering from a mental illness because of a great loss that they don’t make clear. The story is filled with magic and wonder, and, yes, there are even a few giants. Zoe Saldana delivers a tender performance as the caring school counselor. In my opinion, Barbara is one tough kid, especially in the way she handles her bullies and accepts herself. The story becomes a beautiful journey of life, acceptance and love—facing our deepest fears, shedding the weight of pain, and allowing ourselves to peel away the chains of our identity and live in our true essence. It was so good, I would watch this again.
I give this movie ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡.

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