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Courtesy of Disney Films

I finally had the chance to watch A Wrinkle in Time. Ava DuVernay has worked on powerful films that earned given critical acclaim, but this is the first film of hers I’ve seen. In this film, Ava has directed a beautiful story that would be visually stunning even without sound. Now I want to go back and watch her other work.

The film did stray from the book, as most adaptations do, but in a way that enhances and complements.

Storm Reid who plays Meg in the film is an engaging and talented young actor that did a wonderful job playing a strong character worth rooting for. Deric McCabe gave us equal parts adorable and eerie as the precocious Charles Wallace.

I personally loved this tale of good vs. evil, light vs. dark, and strength in the face of fear. And who wouldn’t be successful on a mission guided by the Misses, played by three talents whose names I don’t even need to mention.

This ending has me scratching my head and wondering if there will be a part two? The book is a trilogy.

And lastly, if I was an actual film critic… Hey, wait a second, I take that back, because every movie-goer is a film critic. We all leave the theater thinking about the film we shelled out money and time to see. We ponder what we liked, what we didn’t like, and whether or not we would recommend the movie to family and friends. So, as a critic, I would give this movie 4/5 lightning bolts. Why lightning bolts? Because I am obsessed with the Flash. Not the one from the movie, the one on the CW.

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