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WARNING: This blog contains spoilers for the previous season of The Flash TV series.

Um, seriously! You guys killed off Iris! I just can’t, I won’t. Why???? How could the writers kill her? I mean couldn’t they hospitalize her or something? A coma perhaps? Instead they make my man so sad, no not sad, they break his f#%$ing heart.

Perhaps, you need some back story from me. I love Barry Allen, well I love Grant Gustin. I’ve loved him since Glee. It is actually a running joke in my house that I’m going to become a hugely successful writer and then leave my husband for Barry Allen, even though he is young enough to be my kid (he is only eight years older than my oldest kid).

So, you writer’s stop breaking his heart! You’d guys had better find a way to somehow bring her back for my man. I’m already waiting to see if next season includes Barry time traveling to the past to save her!

Sorry, Barry. My heart breaks for you.

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