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As an erotica writer, I try to expose myself to as many types of erotic novels as possible—it can never hurt to learn more! Every once and a while you get a dud, or a book that is so “out there,” it’s not really sexy as much as shocking. These aren’t your grandma’s Harlequin romance paperbacks for sure! I fully understand that erotic stories, or those with a BSDM theme are not for everyone, though Fifty Shades of Grey certainly brought the BSDM lifestyle into mainstream America.

I consider myself lucky to have come upon Nikki Sex’s work. She has a way of mixing Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.29.50 PMBDSM, romance, and lust into very sexy stories. I became a fan of Nikki Sex last year when I read Bound and Freed, the story of dominant “Father” John and submissive Kelly. The Erotica Collection actually contains Bound and Freed along with two other novels, Elizabeth’s Bondage and Carmen’s New York Romance. There are three full-length novels in this collection, but each story is tied together by the teachings of Master André Chevalier, André is a recurring character in several of Nikki’s books. He is a master dominant, with a soft (yet hard) touch, and his students will not only learn about BSDM, but usually a little about themselves in the process.

These are not hardcore bondage stories, if that’s what you’re into. Each has a bit of romance woven in, which I like. I think it makes the stories sexier. And when it comes time for these characters to get busy, boy do they ever! The sex scenes, though graphic, were sizzling hot. I also like that the characters are not traditionally good looking or hard to identify with. The women were not slinky bathing suit models, and the men had flaws as well (physical and mental). Carmen was the one character of color, and admittedly, I would have liked to see more. I guess I’ll just have to see what else Nikki has in her arsenal!

This set is free if you have Kindle Unlimited, but even if you don’t, I highly recommend The Erotica Collection as well as any other work by Nikki Sex. She’s got more than 15 books to choose from, and she writes all manner of erotic novel. Check her out!

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