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America’s Next Top Model

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(The day of the week keeps changing on me, but I try to watch on Monday). These girls are the cattiest the show has ever had, so much so that I have a hard time watching. They turned the drama up to 11, when level 6 was just fine! The only thing that keeps me going are the photos and transformations, though I am barely holding on.


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I’ve stuck with this program. It’s light and breezy entertainment, and I love girl superheroes.

TimelessScreen Shot 2017-04-09 at 11.40.10 AM.png

What a fun way to learn more about history! Reminds me of Quantum Leap or Back to the Future. A team of heroes must stop a villain from misusing a stolen time machine to alter the past and present. Of course, they have to do all of this without altering history themselves.


The Flash

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This show is one of my favorites! Also, Grant Gustin is extremely easy on the eyes.

This is Us

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This Is Us has received wonderful reviews, and rightfully so! It’s an amazing new show. Watching this has gotten a tear or two out of me on more than one occasion. I highly recommend it.




I think we know by now that superheroes are kind of my thing. Who can lose with Stephen Amell? He’s so beautiful.



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I’m thinking this show may have run its course, but we’ll see. I’ve loved it so long that I have to keep watching. If Olivia and Fitz get back together it will have all been worth it for me!



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Don’t watch while you’re eating! This show is about forensics, after all. It helps that Morris is so gorgeous!

Dr. Ken

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I know this show hasn’t gotten very good ratings, but I still love it. I just think Ken Jeong is hilarious!

Shows I’ve dropped

Kevin Can Wait – Sorry I keep waiting for the wife and dad from King of Queens!

How to Get Away with Murder – While I love Shondra and Viola I think I overloaded myself on dramas.

Bull – It was quirky, but I just can’t.

Emerald City – Never got past the first episode.

Shows and movies I’m excited for:

Designated Survivor, Empire, and 24 Legacy. I probably shouldn’t add more to my weekly watching schedule, but I just can’t help it! I will have to make good use of my DVR.

What shows do you love? Make suggestions in the comments below. Maybe I can add just ONE more!

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