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Rating – Five stars

Everyone has talked about this book, from Madonna, Pharrell, and Oprah, to my mother. “Life-changing” is what I heard.

As a reader, I couldn’t resist. It’s a book and I love books.

From the start I could see that this would be a book I could sink my teeth into. I started out strong, but I kept getting distracted by…everything. The phone, the television, kids, my husband, you name it.

Days went by and I hadn’t gotten past the third chapter of this very short book that I wanted so desperately to read. Then it hit me! Download the audiobook.

I began listening to The Alchemist during my long car rides throughout the city. I feasted on Santiago’s journey for two days until the very end. What did I learn? Was it as life-changing as I’d expected it to be?

For starters, the book was narrated by Jeremy Irons who did an amazing job! They could not have picked a better person. His voice enriched the life of Santiago.

The take away—it didn’t change me, per se. I’m not ready to get off the path I’m already on. However, it did reinvigorate my belief in dreams. Hell, I’ve been a dreamer my whole life. And what do all dreamers know? It’s hard, so hard to stay on the path to your dreams until you realize them.

Just like Santiago, I have been knocked around by life. I have thought many times, Why write? Why not just continue working as an occupational therapist until retirement? Wouldn’t that make life easier?

Santiago also considered ditching his plans to seek his treasure to live out his life as a shepherd or work at a crystal shop until some ripe old age.

How long is too long to stay on the path to your dreams?

I began writing at the age of six. I would have my mom or one of my grandparents cut paper in half for me, and then staple the pages together. Then I would write stories about ants, bugs, and animal adventures in my first grade penmanship. When I turned nine, my mother bought me a thesaurus, a dictionary, and a typewriter. Not dolls or games. What nine year-old gets a typewriter for her birthday?

Best gift, ever!

In middle school I made up wild and ridiculously fun stories with me as the lead. It was a way of escaping my reality during those tough years. In high school, I began writing scripts. I loved script writing so much, I sent scripts in to NBC at the age of sixteen!

When I turned 18 I gave up on my dreams to be “an adult”. I listened to voices that were not my own. After college, I concentrated on marriage and kids. I was happy, but something was missing.

In 2004, my passion came back to me. I started having the best dreams and I began writing them down. In 2005, I completed my first book! Did it become a bestseller? Nope.

By 2007, I was taking a screenwriting class. I was like a teenager again. I took to it with renewed zeal. Without fear I sought representation for my scripts. Sent them to Disney. Did I make a movie? Sell a script? Nope.

Fast-forward to 2017, now thirteen years on this path to achieve my dreams! And I have! Well, parts of it. I have indie-published four books, and a fifth one is on the way. I have a growing fan base! Wonderful ladies write to me or post on my social media pages that they love my series and my writing!! It feels amazing to read, and I always try to respond.

Did I ever quit? Nope.

Why, in the middle of this review did I share my own story with you? Because, I am Santiago. We all are. We are all born with talents and dreams! Every child has a desire and dream of what they want to be. Most of us give dreams up to become “adults”. But why? Why can’t we be that person? After all, childhood is the most raw, honest, innocent, unbiased time of our life! Who better to pick our destinies then our child selves?

“Little D.W.” chose my career—a writer. It has been a source of happiness, escape, creativity, passion, and love for me.

I still have one foot in the rat race. Imagine how crazy I look right now, running in both directions! But I am Santiago, my treasure is so close that I can smell it, feel it, taste it! I am ready to jump out of the rat race with feet and run at full speed toward my dream.

I am Santiago. You are Santiago! Do yourself a favor and pick up this book, it’s short and sweet, yet packed with power. You may be a dreamer now or may have been a dreamer once upon a time. Whichever it is, if you are still in the rat race running toward nowhere, I recommend this book to get you back on track. Your treasure, whatever it is for you, is out there waiting for you to go after it!

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