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I’ve been sharing my novella Dominic chapter by chapter every week. You may already know Dominic (aka Tyson) from The Seven Chambers Series (specifically Stolen Flame). This is his story of how he came to be employed at The Chamber. Please sign up for my newsletter to continue reading Dominic! 

*The following contains explicit content, 18+ readers, please. Also, this is a draft copy which has not been edited for publication.


The Men of the Seven Chambers Series

A Novella

by D.W. Marshall

That ought to do. I didn’t put any sappy salutations or greetings. Short and to the point. My duties go by without a hitch. The rush coursing through me to see Flame again manifests itself in brilliant efficiency. The last duty on my list is to check with the lottery winners to discuss tomorrows coming out party with them in detail. Mason and I have learned over the years that people need rules and laws to be bound by. Each man has an individual contract with us, that allows us to throw them out on their asses if they break them, and they forfeit the money they paid to get here.

When I arrive all thirty-five men are in attendance, standing around engrossed in quiet images 2conversations. Mason and several guards are scattered around the room. The room is more clinical than most spots here, implying that the information exchanged here is to be taken seriously. Mason crosses the room to the front where I am standing.

“Welcome gentlemen, please take your seats.”

There is the sound of shuffling and movement as the men return to their seats. I stare out into the sea of men with different eyes. Each one of them will take his turn over and over with Vivian. I want to walk around the room and snap each and every one of their necks. The eager gleam in their eyes only infuriates me more.

“Hopefully this will be the last one of these meetings. You are all adults and we believed you were capable of making this year’s Chamber a success when you were selected. We all have a role to play in ensuring we meet our goals of having the time of our lives. I will turn the meeting over to my second in command, Tyson.”

Mason hands me the microphone, pats me on the back, and takes a step back. I don’t need any amplification. “Good afternoon, gentlemen. As you know this year’s Chamber is about to get underway, starting with tomorrow’s coming out party. Let me reiterate that the event tomorrow is not about having sex with the girls.” I give pause. The words have to compete with an unfamiliar lump in my throat. I have given this speech in previous Chambers, but this is the first time I feel the words I am speaking.

My stomach is queasy.

The lump in my throat will not recede.

I am aware of my current suffering, but I know that the rest of the people in this room are not. To them, only a second has gone by, but for me, this new sensation feels like a lifetime. Another thing I will never forgive myself for.

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*Draft copy which has not been edited for publication

© Copyright 2016 D.W. Marshall