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I’ve been sharing my novella Dominic chapter by chapter every week. You may already know Dominic (aka Tyson) from The Seven Chambers Series (specifically Stolen Flame). This is his story of how he came to be employed at The Chamber. Please sign up for my newsletter to continue reading Dominic! 

*The following contains explicit content, 18+ readers, please. Also, this is a draft copy which has not been edited for publication.


The Men of the Seven Chambers Series

A Novella

by D.W. Marshall

I lift my love off of dick. I feel cold without her there.

I clamber out of the bed and take a close seat to where this will all go down.

My ears cloud with stress and anxiety of what I am about to see. Then again, that is what I subjected her to when I made the decision to bring her here instead of taking her far away, a year of being fucked by this guy and that guy.

Mason doesn’t take any time, she is on her knees and he plunges himself deep inside of her. He is an animal as he slams into her over and over again. If he dares a glance my way, he will see the pain behind my eyes that I am attempting to mask.

“Look at Tyson,” Mason commands.images 2

Are you fucking kidding me? I want to beat the shit out of him. Okay ,Mason wants to play at this. I will not show him that I am rattled, because if I do this sick bastard will find more ways to use Vivian to make me suffer. I grab my dick and rub my hand up and down the shaft. Wouldn’t a guy that didn’t have a problem do that? Get off on the fucking going on before his eyes? Our eyes are locked and Mason isn’t behind her, I am. I will her to see that, to feel that. Her cheeks warm and she appears to be feeling what I ask of her. It’s my dick inside of you, Vivian, feel me. She comes with that bitch of a prick inside of her and it is a kick in my fucking gut.

“Fuck! Best Chamber ever!” he yells as he comes and collapses onto her back.

When Mason pulls out of her it isn’t long before he passes out next to her. He is such a little bitch he may as well stick his thumb in his mouth. I hate him.

I seize the opportunity and take Vivian over to the empty bed.

“Sleep,” I say.

The disappointment that covers her face is all I need to know that she trusts me with everything she has. I am her lifeline and she is mine.

“Not to brag, but I am a lot to take for experienced lady parts. Yours is a new, tender little flower that needs to be handled with care. We can explore more tomorrow.”

She pulls the covers over herself and I slide in behind her, wrapping her into my arms. She is fast asleep in minutes.

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*Draft copy which has not been edited for publication

© Copyright 2016 D.W. Marshall