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*The following contains explicit content, 18+ readers, please. Also, this is a draft copy which has not been edited for publication.


The Men of the Seven Chambers Series

A Novella

by D.W. Marshall

“Now get in there. I came out to tell you Mason wants you to be in the room with him, with Vivian.”

I am out of my t-shirt and basketball shorts before I make it inside. Why didn’t Zee say this in the first place?

I ease myself onto the bed. “Hi there,” I say to Vivian. The smile that grows across her face when she realizes that I am here with her is the equivalent of ripping darkening paper off of a window on a sunny day, parting of clouds after a storm, and the heavens opening up all at once. She trusts me and wants me. Sure, right now it might be because I am the lesser of all of the evils she faces. But, if I love her right and keep her safe, perhaps more can grow from there, hell I will take whatever I can get.

Mason’s head pops into view. “I watched earlier and noticed how at ease you are with my head guard. It is rare that we have two virgins in a Chamber. Not many candidates remain chaste into their twenties. Seeing how I can’t help two virgins at once, this is my rare gift to you. Consider it a birthday present to you both. That is, if you can handle that much man your first time,” he says.

Vivian nods.

Mason leaves us alone. Vivian is intent in her gaze.

“Are you sure about this?” I ask her. I gaze down at my dick. I mean it isn’t intended for images 2this purpose. “I will try to be gentle with you.”

What she does next will forever be etched into my brain. Vivian comes to her knees and without another word wraps her mouth around the tip of me. She twirls her tongue around and sucks the tip and it feels amazing. I can’t help but laugh softly when she gags. I am a lot to take on. She begins to suck harder and I moan at the feeling.

My turn. I ease her down onto her back. I look into her eyes and when I am confident that there is no fear behind them I take one of her sweet nipples into my mouth and suck. She may not know me, and she does not love me. But I know and love her and I am prepared to make love to her. I take my time adoring each nipple, until they are nice and hard, telling me how much she wants this.

When I am finished I turn my attention to those beautiful pouty lips. Vivian parts her lips and I dip my tongue inside to dance with hers. I suck her lips between kisses. So sweet. “Did I mention that today is my birthday too?” I say.

“Happy Birthday,” she moans.

“Happy Birthday to you, too,” I say and plunge my fingers inside of her, deeper this time. She is dripping with wetness. “You are so wet and ready for me. Tell me if it’s too much.”


I pull my fingers out. It is time. I can’t wait to sink deep inside of her. “Ready?” Always her choice.

She nods.

I watch her for any signs that she can’t handle me. I rub my dick on the hot, wet entrance. Her hips raise giving me permission. I push inside of her. All I feel is a wet, hot vise around me pulsating. The best feeling I have ever experienced. My body is a ball of exposed nerves, I could come right now. I pull out and push back in, this time a little deeper. Again and again, each time deeper. “Ohh my god, this feels like heaven,” I whisper into her ear.

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*Draft copy which has not been edited for publication

© Copyright 2016 D.W. Marshall