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I’ve been sharing my novella Dominic chapter by chapter every week. You may already know Dominic (aka Tyson) from The Seven Chambers Series (specifically Stolen Flame). This is his story of how he came to be employed at The Chamber. Please sign up for my newsletter to continue reading Dominic! 

*The following contains explicit content, 18+ readers, please. Also, this is a draft copy which has not been edited for publication.


The Men of the Seven Chambers Series

A Novella

by D.W. Marshall

The guard closest to her I know well. His name is not important because anyone who touches her is on my list. He is eager to have some fun. He wants her to give him head. I steel myself for this, Vivian glances at me again, making sure I am in the room with her. Vivian puts her mouth to the tip of his dick and it takes everything in my soul not to kill him. Oh my fucking hell, there is no way I can watch her suffer through this!

“Fuck yeah, bitch! Suck it!” The guard says.images 2

I don’t even remember crossing the room to him. My fist connects with his face and he crumples to the floor. I didn’t hit him hard enough to knock him out, but I stunned the shit out of him. “Respect! These women are employees, no different than us! Respect them or I guarantee you that you will be out on your ass! Now get the fuck out of here. I will relay the details of your visit to Mason!”

The dumb fuck runs out of the room holding his jaw.

I go to Vivian’s side. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. Thank you,” she says. I don’t miss her quick smile.

I direct the next guard to do what he needs to do, but this time I stay close. Message received.

Without going into further detail that will haunt my sleep at niight the guards assist Vivian in getting more acquainted with their male body parts. Each one is a man that I want to inflict harm upon no matter how respectful they were. When Mason walks in panic courses through me. I don’t want him to touch her, but I know that he will do more than just touch, and I want to kill him where he stands. I don’t want to leave her alone with him, but if I am playing my role, then I have no choice.

“I have to leave now,” I tell her. “I trust Mason.” Lie. “He will be gentle. Happy Chambermaids equal happy customers.” That part is true.

Leaving her is the hardest thing I have ever done. I am pacing the back hall of the Deflowering Chamber wondering what Vivian is going through without me there. Not knowing is so much worse than seeing.

“Ty,” A familiar voice calls to me. I look to find Zion, who as my improving luck would have it, lands the gig as Vivian’s groomer. “You okay?” She asks me.

I can’t manage the words. I shake my head to tell her I am about to lose it.

She closes the distance between us and wraps her arms around me. “Listen, you have to be strong Ty. You made this decision. Every time you feel this way, remember no matter how much pain you are feeling she is feeling more,” Zion says.

I snatch away from her. “That shit is supposed to make me feel better?” I whisper-shout. “Knowing the woman I love is suffering more than me does not make me feel better Zee.”

She takes my hand. “That is not how I meant it. I am only saying if she can do this then you have to. If you would have taken her before Mason got his hands on her it would have only been worse.”

I nod because I know that is true.

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*Draft copy which has not been edited for publication

© Copyright 2016 D.W. Marshall