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*The following contains explicit content, 18+ readers, please. Also, this is a draft copy which has not been edited for publication.


The Men of the Seven Chambers Series

A Novella

by D.W. Marshall

Today we both suffer. She suffers because of the lack of control over her life she must feel.images 2 Taken from everything she knows. Brought to The Chamber to perform sexual acts for strangers. I suffer because of the control I have over her. I must remember to make her feel that she has a choice, no matter how insignificant and minor a choice it might be. “You’re a natural at this,” I offer her misplaced encouragement. Her face is reading less fear with each passing moment with me, that has to be a good thing. Violet yells out in what sounds like a good time being had over there. I had forgotten they were even in the room with us. I’d love to lose myself like that with Vivian but I know I can’t. I need to look, listen, and feel because this is the woman of my dreams that I am victimizing and if I am going to earn her trust I need to handle her with care.

Fucking douche bag Mason.

He didn’t have to take her.

I guide Vivian over to the bed and help her lay down on her back. Exquisite perfection. I rub my dick over her stomach, I can feel her tremble. I take my time. “How does that feel?” I ask her.

She doesn’t respond. Instead, she nods.

I offer her the most tender smile I can manage. “See, cocks are not as scary as you thought.” I’m sure the cocks of a stranger are the only ones you ever really feared. Poor girl. I am so so sorry. I lean down and press my lips to hers. She is the first woman I have kissed since my mother died. Sure I have fucked women, but that is all it was fucking, not one of them someone I wanted any intimacy with, until now, until Vivian. I repeated apologies while our lips were entwined. She tastes amazing. “I know this is scary for you,” I say as I offer her another sensation, my dick at her precious opening. I almost lose it as the heat teases me with the promise of the hot wetness that awaits me inside, but I do not push inside of her. She gasps, but not in fear. She is allowing herself to feel this moment, and somehow enjoy it, even if she would never admit that to herself or me. Her hips roll against me and I want to sink myself inside of her, but I won’t. I want to come all over her wet little pussy, but I don’t. She needs me to practice restraint, and for her, I will. I will do anything.

“I asked Mason if I could be your personal guard during your stay with us. I admire your fire, and I want this journey to be smooth for you, not scary.”

I can tell she is deciding something. Am I the good guy or the bad guy? Good question. Because the good guy would have never brought you here.

I put my lips to hers again. My stomach is buzzing with electricity and—butterflies? Her lips, my lips. She kisses me back, soft and sweet. “Thank you for protecting me,” she says with her lips still on mine.

 Yes! She believes that is my purpose. That is the first step to earning her trust.

I want to thank her for her gift of trust. I venture down to the holy grail and spread her legs apart. She smells divine. I find the nugget of pleasure and go to work with my tongue, licking, sucking and blowing cool air onto it in an effort to drive her crazy.

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*Draft copy which has not been edited for publication

© Copyright 2016 D.W. Marshall