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Fall is upon us again, and it’s time to cozy up under a blanket on the couch for some TV time! When I’m not reading or writing, I love to relax and escape into these make believe worlds. Here are my faves, by day of the week, in case anyone is looking for entertainment for a stay-in evening:

  • Monday


  • Kevin Can Wait – Have a case of The Mondays? Well, no one has it worse than Kevin. He just wants to enjoy retirement, but his screwy family is making it VERY difficult. Maybe the 9 to 5 wasn’t so bad after all!



  • Supergirl – Let’s face it, Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, and Henry Cavill were plenty easy on the eyes, and played this American hero to a T, but I love a great lady heroine. This take on the “Super Story” also includes modern twists that haven’t ever been taken on by any superman or woman before. Watching this makes me want to wear a cape and boots while running errands!



  •  Tuesday


  • The Flash – Ugh, tedious Tuesday. Brighten your night with this burst of entertainment. It’s part superhero, part cold case, part ghost hunter. You’re welcome!



  • Bull – Ever wonder how Dr. Phil got his start? This show is based on his early days as a trial consultant. He and his team collect data and use psychology to prepare clients for trial. Fascinating!



  • Wednesday


  • Lethal Weapon – Those who loved the movies can continue to enjoy the story of Riggs and Murtaugh as they fight L.A. crime. Hey, and we get a Wayans brother to boot! I’ll NEVER be too old for this ***t!



  • Empire – It’s Wine Wednesday, and it’s time for “my story”!!! This is a great soap opera, in a way we’ve never seen before. We’ve got fine men, beautiful women, good music and plenty of drama. Cookie is my spirit animal!



  • Arrow – Everyone always ponders what they’d want if they were stranded on a deserted island, but rarely ask what they would do with their life if they SURVIVED such an ordeal. Arrow makes the most of his second chance by turning his former playboy life around to become a vigilante, righting wrongs all over his city. Oh, and Stephen Amell fills out that superhero outfit beautifully.



  • Designated Survivor – Political dramas??? Yesss! And we get Kiefer back, doing what he does so well. In this show, he is the Housing and Urban Development Secretary thrust into the position of president as the sole survivor of an explosion during the State of the Union address. Could you be President if you had to be? Given our recent options, maybe one of us would be better suited for the job!


  • Thursday


  • The Good Place – Eleanor has landed in the best part of the afterlife due to mistaken identity, but can she become worthy of her new place in the afterlife? Or will her mortal foils be exposed? But maybe there are others in “the good place” aren’t what they seem, either. I love Kristen Bell; I would watch her read the phone book.



  • Rosewood – Morris Chestnut is a determined pathologist who helps families get the true stories about their loved ones’ deaths. I love a smart and witty detective…and Morris Chestnut.



  • Friday


  • Dr. Ken – Hanging at home on Friday? Catch this comedy based on Ken Jeong’s original career—medicine. I loved Ken Jeong in The Hangover and in Community, so I was ready to see him in a starring role. Once you go Jeong, you’ll never go wrong!



  • Saturday


  • SNL – Over 40 years of jokes and unforgettable characters—SNL helps us find the humor in life, even when things are pretty cray out there in the world. After you spend the evening doubled over with belly laughs, you’ll start to feel like everything’s going to be o-tay!



  • Sunday


  • Secrets and Lies – much like Fargo or True Detective, each season of this show focuses on a specific crime. Detective Julia Cornell (Juliette Lewis) is the connection from season to season. I do love a good mystery show, and this is a great way to unwind and round out the week.



  • Netflix


  • If you need MORE shows to get hooked on, I recommend Luke Cage or Jessica Jones. Both are superhero shows. Funny how many of those I watch… I don’t even read comics! It’s just great to see a hero protecting us mortals and outsmarting the villains.



There you have it! I DO have an extensive list of can’t-miss shows which run the gamut and are as eclectic as my writing style. Several air on the same night—thank goodness for my DVR!!! I hope you enjoy watching some or all of them as much as I do! But, hey, don’t forget to get out there and enjoy the outdoors, even if it is just getting out to pick up more popcorn!

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