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I’ve been sharing my novella Dominic chapter by chapter every week. You may already know Dominic (aka Tyson) from The Seven Chambers Series (specifically Stolen Flame). This is his story of how he came to be employed at The Chamber. Please sign up for my newsletter to continue reading Dominic! 

*The following contains explicit content, 18+ readers, please. Also, this is a draft copy which has not been edited for publication.


The Men of the Seven Chambers Series

A Novella

by D.W. Marshall

Chapter Four (cont’d)


There are at least eight more men inside, two on each wall. “Gentlemen,” I say grabbing images 2their attention. “I am Tyson and I am your new head of security.” I notice Dante and Sunny lean inside to listen. “I come from a strong military career in the Marines and Special Ops. I want a team approach here. Respect for each other and respect for the women we protect. You all must be very talented in your own right or you would not be here. This area, this box, I see has cameras monitoring a lot of shit. I need one man from each section to educate me, bring me up to speed. I will make my way over and I only need one of you to stand and provide that information. While I have a discussion with Mason, you all figure out who that will be.”

I step into the hall with Mason. “How do the guards reach you?”

“By cell phone, why?”

I sigh. They really do need me. “Unacceptable. You and every guard need to be on two-ways. Phones require dialing and answering, and charging. We are going a little more primitive, high-tech two-ways. This way we have immediate access to each other. I need you to purchase RDV5100 VHF two-ways. I’d even say get two for each guard that way you have a backup for everyone. This model has ten channels, that way if there is a need-to-know situation we can set them accordingly, lock certain channels for some and not others.”

“You will have them by morning,” Mason says.

“Okay. I think I’ve got it from here. You can give me an official tour in the morning, I will spend the rest of the evening learning what’s going on in the box.”

“The box?”

“I like to name shit.”

“I like it. I knew you would be perfect for this. I will send someone up later to show you to your sleeping quarters.”

“Sounds good,” I say and shake his hand.

I make my way back into the box. The men take to my instruction right away. I learn from one guard from each wall all about our surveillance equipment. The cameras on the south wall survey all of the common areas. The entrances, the exit doors, the grounds, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways. Keeping it tight and secure. There are guards that also patrol these areas.

The cameras on the north wall are focused on the women. Their common areas. They appear to be housed in an area outfitted to be separate living quarters with a kitchen, a living room, and four bedrooms. With seven girls, only one girl has her own room. The cameras show a spa area with indoor pool, salon, and workout area.

The east wall cameras are focused on a large room that definitely is a men’s parlour. There are men sitting around smoking cigars and having drinks at a bar, playing pool and darts, or simply watching television. One of the guards explains that these are the lottery winners, some of them live on site, some pop in and out, but when the sun goes down they spend their evening with the girls. They literally have sex up to seven hours a night, five nights a week if they wish.

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*Draft copy which has not been edited for publication

© Copyright 2016 D.W. Marshall