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This week, for variety, I am posting an excerpt from my novella, Dominic. I’ve been sharing this novella chapter by chapter in my newsletter. It is the story of Dominic, who you may already know from The Seven Chambers Series (specifically Stolen Flame). This is Dominic’s story—his background and how he came to be employed at The Chamber. Please sign up for my newsletter to continue reading Dominic! 

*The following contains explicit content, 18+ readers, please. Also, this is a draft copy which has not been edited for publication.


The Men of the Seven Chambers Series

A Novella

by D.W. Marshall

Chapter One

What does the word darkness mean to you? I ask because I bet you have a definition. Everyone does, it is a simple enough word to define. Something that goes like this—without light, a pitch that doesn’t allow you to see. What if I told you it also means mind-numbing, excruciating pain, agony, and suffering. Darkness for me is not caring if I live or die. Mostly wishing I would die. Most sixteen-year-old boys are worried about scoring with chicks, football games, music, partying it up, and getting their first set of wheels.
My junior year started out like that too. I was once touted as a promising tight end for images 2Kahuku High School. Many great NFL players were once Red Raiders like me, and my coach believed that I was well on my way. By the age of sixteen, I was already a beefy six feet tall. Unfortunately for me, my dreams were shattered, and the light of the world around me that was so full of promise was snuffed out in a single night. When my mother was murdered that what it, lights out. Of course, I am not the only person in the world to lose a parent. I’m sure it happens every single day, but not everyone reacts the same to tragedy, and when you are a teen, who happens to be the size of a grown man, and your mother is gunned down in front of you leaving you helpless to stop it, something inside of you dies—Dominic died that night.
My mom had to pick me up from practice that night because my car was on the fritz again. I worked hard to keep my rebuilt 1974 Grand Torino in top shape, but we were headed to state and coach added two a days on us. My car needed new motor mounts in a bad way and my Pops was always at work, so it had to wait.
That night was not unlike most. I drove us home, but ma wanted to stop and pick up milk and bread from our local Foodland. When we came out of the store there were three thugs near our car. Ma and I pretended they weren’t there and they were acting like they were getting into the car next to ours. I wish we had turned around and gone back into the store.

Thank you so much for tuning in and reading! I will upload the next installment of CAFS next week!

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