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Thank you for reading my new erotica series, College of Adult Film Studies (CAFS). I am sharing book one, which follows Mia Martin, a young woman who wants to be an adult film star and stumbles upon a college that will train her on exactly how to do so. Each week I will share 500-1000 words with you for your enjoyment. 

*The following contains explicit content, 18+ readers, please. Also, this is a draft copy which has not been edited for publication.

College of Adult Film Studies (CAFS)

(working title)

by D.W. Marshall

Chapter Three (cont’d)

I grab my robe and set out to find my team. I discover them all donning robes as well, relaxing in front of another gigantic flat screen watching a mindless reality show about someone who believes her everyday life is so important it should be viewed by the masses. I’m just going to put it out there—I hate reality TV. Arguing, self-absorption, small problems blown out of proportion. Why would I want to indulge in a stranger’s life when my own life is full of enough drama and chaos? Apparently, I am the only one who feels that way because everyone else’s eyes are glued to the screen as if the events unfolding were the key to life. I plop down on the sofa next to Rebecca.

That was interesting.” Rebecca says.

“Interesting and amazing,” I say.

“So, what kept you?” She asks.

“I couldn’t leave our fearless leader with a potential case of blue balls.” I say and nudge her shoulder with mine.

“Sounds fun. I should have thought of helping him out.”

Fun doesn’t even begin to describe it. James is amazing.”

Rebecca gives me a big smile that I return. I wasn’t admitting to the crush I have on our instructor with that smile, but I’m not denying it either. From what I can tell from Rebecca’s response I am not the only one.

I convince the gang to put on an actual movie and the ten of us sit around and watch it like a group of regular young adults. James even joins us and has pizzas and sodas delivered. I never thought about the “normal time” in between the freaky times we’re bound to have. A bunch of future adult film industry professionals hanging and laughing while watching a classic comedy—you can’t make this stuff up. I take visual inventory of this team that I will be spending the next year with and I couldn’t be happier to have been selected for this group.

Coming here was the best decision that I have ever made. Not only can I see that this CAFSschool is perfect for me, I can also see that they are going to great lengths to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. After the movie, I say goodnight to my new favorite sex addicts and make my way to my suite. My bed is as soft and as comfortable as it promised to be from my earlier glance. I nuzzle and sink into the sheets and I am immediately ready to doze off.

Today was amazing. Fifty adults, one purpose. A group of professors whose sexpertise will be passed down enthusiastically. Unexpected amazing sex with a human Ken doll, even more amazing sex with James. I don’t know how much better things can get, but I am excited about what new sexual adventures each day will bring. The only thing I need to do is call my mom and check in.

“Hey mom,” I say into the phone when she answers.

“Hey darling. How do you like your new school?”

“I love it Mom! I am going to learn so much here. How are the kids?”

“Fine. Just fine, dear. We can’t wait to come and visit you in Las Vegas.”

Oh shit. When has she ever wanted to come to Vegas? “I can’t wait,” I lie. There is no way my mom would be fooled by this school. I mean, this campus is an adult playground.

“I can’t wait either, maybe during the holidays. I gotta run, but I love you,” I say.

“Oh that sounds wonderful. I will send your little brother and sister your love. We will chat soon. Bye honey!”

“Bye mom.”

I am out into a heavy dreamless sleep almost the second I disconnect the call. Sated and  woozy with excitement of what tomorrow will bring.


Thank you so much for tuning in and reading about Mia’s adventures. I will upload more next week!

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