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Thank you for reading my new erotica series, College of Adult Film Studies (CAFS). I am sharing book one, which follows Mia Martin, a young woman who wants to be an adult film star and stumbles upon a college that will train her on exactly how to do so. Each week I will share 500-1000 words with you for your enjoyment. 

*The following contains explicit content, 18+ readers, please. Also, this is a draft copy which has not been edited for publication.

College of Adult Film Studies (CAFS)

(working title)

by D.W. Marshall

Chapter Three (cont’d)

“Don’t sit yet. Lyric join him please.” Lyric also was accepted on the non-film side, directing, but we all play all parts here. She is dainty and porcelain-fine, with defined Asian features and straight black hair to her waist. “Doesn’t that dick look inviting?” James says, giving Lyric her instructions.

She doesn’t hesitate. She gets onto her knees and sucks Victors cock. We don’t have a great view, only of her head bobbing back and forth and Victor’s face enjoying being her dessert. “Victor take a seat,” James instructs. I can’t see his cock from the angle I am sitting, because he is partially hidden behind the desk. Victor sits taking his cock away from Lyric. She doesn’t need any instructions she climbs onto the chair with him and precedes to ride him with expertise. Victor grabs her tiny ass and pulls her on and off until they are both coming. Lyric, screams out loud in pleasure, and then continues to grind him until they are both coming again.

I swear if my turn isn’t next, I am going to explode on this fucking stool.

“Nicole and Chance,” James says.

What? That is some bullshit. I’m either gonna be stuck with Walter or Ken! Watch me end up with Ken. I don’t even watch them, I am too jealous and too fucking horny. Then of course James calls Desiree and fucking Walter. I don’t watch them either. I pretend to, but I am pissed. He has helmet hair, he screams porn from thirty years ago and now I have to fuck him. It’s like James is punishing me. I am going to have to speak with him after class. Our turn comes and I am called first. I climb onto the C shaped apparatus that basically thrusts my ass in the air. My pussy is exposed and the air feels amazing, I am sure it will feel better than Helmet Head’s cock. It can’t be big, the only big head on this clown is the one on top of his neck. I should have scoped it out in the shower but I wasn’t interested enough to look his way. “Ken, come hit this please.” I hear his stool scrape the ground and before I can prepare I am impaled by the mother of all cocks. Ken was secretly packing! He grabs my ass and goes to work, I come after only about six thrusts, because he reaches my spot over and over. I come three times before he fills me with his essence, and to add insult to my own personal injury for doubting this man, he smacks my ass. Fuck me.

I glance over at James and he hides a smile, but not well.

“Okay class. Everyone head to the lounge and relax. There are movies and snacks and drinks for you all. That was amazing. You all took to that lesson very well. This is going to be a fun weekend.” Everyone heads to the lounge. “Mia stay behind, please.”

Oh, I planned to.

“How did you like your first session?”

“Very funny, Professor J. I caught the smile.”

“I knew who you wanted to spend time with. Chance, right?”

“Well, only second to you,” I say because they all pale in comparison.

“I thought this way you can see that not all packages are what you might expect,” he says.

“You were so right about that,” I say.

We both stand in the lab, naked regarding one another, but avoiding the elephant in the room which is his enormous erection. He has suffered through watching a boing marathon with no relief. “You want me to help you out with that?” I point to his cock, trying not to lick my lips.

He grabs onto it and gives it a pull. “This little thing?” The smile tells me “hell yes.”

I have half of it down my throat before he can respond. Mmm. Best thing I have ever put in Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 2.01.50 PMmy mouth. Is it insane to fall in love with an actual cock? Because I think I want to marry this one. It is my favorite and I have met too many to count. James pulls me up into his arms and sinks into me in the same motion. I’m not a big kisser but for some reason that I can’t explain my lips find his and he doesn’t stop me. We are tongues and lips and moans and cock deep inside of me. I think I might pass out this shit feels so good. I come around him but don’t stop rocking my hips for more, we both come twice. He sets me onto the desk, still inside of me. He pulls back and looks me in the eyes. “You are going to be dangerous for me here, aren’t you?”

I nod, bite my lip and smile.

“I wanna marry your cock. I’m in love.”

“You can’t marry him without the man he is attached to and unfortunately the man doesn’t do love and marriage and shit like that. I’m sure you feel the same way, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.” He kisses me again and pulls his entire length out of me. Leaving me empty and sad. “I will see you shortly.”

I scurry off to join the rest of my team. No one asks or cares why I stayed behind. I guess everyone is experiencing post-coitus bliss, no one more than me.


Thank you so much for tuning in and reading about Mia’s adventures. I will upload more next week!

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