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Thank you for reading my new erotica series, College of Adult Film Studies (CAFS). I am sharing book one, which follows Mia Martin, a young woman who wants to be an adult film star and stumbles upon a college that will train her on exactly how to do so. Each week I will share 500-1000 words with you for your enjoyment. 

*The following contains explicit content, 18+ readers, please. Also, this is a draft copy which has not been edited for publication.

College of Adult Film Studies (CAFS)

(working title)

by D.W. Marshall

Chapter Three (cont’d)

“Now gather any things you have and follow me,” James says.

We follow James out of the auditorium and onto an elevator. The assignments aren’t floors, but teachers names. James is assigned to the fourth floor. “So you all will be my team the entire year. The code to our floor is #206969, don’t write it down. Remember it #206969. Everything we need for filming is on this floor: lab space, film equipment, studio space, sleeping quarters if we pull all-nighters. The only eleven people in the entire school that have access are in this elevator. We find that the secrecy makes the quarter projects more competitive and exciting. We exit the floor and I am stunned. Everything, like the rest of the school is state of the art. James takes us on a tour of the entire floor. The labs are a series of classrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms with those crazy glory holes, apparatus that I can’t wait to use, and a toyland of sex toys.

“Let’s head inside. Shower and put on the robes inside of your lockers.”

“Where do we shower?” Desiree asks.

“Do you mean, where do the ladies shower?”


“We are a team. We all shower together. Anyone who can’t handle that shouldn’t be here,” James says and begins undressing on his way to the shower area. We all follow. Sure enough there are lockers with our names on them, and inside of each hangs a soft white cotton robe. I am quick about taking my clothes off, I don’t grab the robe or a towel on my way to the shower. In fact the only person that does is Desiree. In her defense she did sign up to be behind the camera. I take a moment to admire my team, Vance is exceptionally endowed. Chance is as remarkable unclothed as I expected, his body is perfection, he does not disappoint. Walter and Victor are not as impressive as the other guys but they will do when I need a cock inside of me. The ladies are beautiful, toned, curvy, and perky in the right places. Then there is James, who I have already sampled. I hope I can explore with him today.

When we are sufficiently scrubbed and cleaned we meet James in the main lab. This part looks the part of a biology class. If I have to dissect something I’m gonna be pissed, if I wanted to be a fucking doctor, I would have gone to medical school.

“Now that we all clean, it is time to fuck the shit out of each other. The sooner we are more comfortable with each other naked than we are clothed the better for all involved.

“So, Rebecca get up here.”

Rebecca is more like me, she doesn’t hesitate to climb down from her stool.

“Leave the robe,” James says.

She removes her robe and walks to the front of the room. James instructs her to stand on a platform. She has to take about three steps to reach the top of it.

“Team this fine specimen is Rebecca,” he says joining her on the platform. He grabs one of her breasts gently and begins sucking on it. “Tasty.” He gestures her to spin around so her ass is facing us. She has the perfect ass, smooth and brown, perfectly round. I don’t do chicks and I want to smack it. “Vance come here please.”

Vance hops down from the stool, he removes his robe without being asked, and when I see his enormous cock I want to be Rebecca.hqdefault

“Sir,” Vance says.

“Is she ready?”

Vance takes his finger or fingers and slides them inside of Rebecca. She moans. Lucky girl.

“Hit it,” James says.

Without thought or hesitation Vance sinks his cock inside of Rebecca. He rolls his hips as he gets in deep, Rebecca throws her head back in ecstasy. Fuck yeah. She wraps her legs around his and his reddened back tells the story of how much she is enjoying herself. They both come so hard in front of our entire group.

“That was hot. Take your seats if you can walk,” James says. “Victor, your next,” James places a black chair in the center of the platform. Victor is handsome, but probably more pretty than handsome. He is Mediterranean dark, with wavy hair. His body however is hairless. He has to wax or something. His cock isn’t small, it’s average. But then he doesn’t want to be in front of the camera, either. He looks nervous standing in front of us in the buff. But he is hard, no doubt from Vance and Rebecca’s delicious show.


Thank you so much for tuning in and reading about Mia’s adventures. I will upload more next week!

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