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Thank you for reading my new erotica series, College of Adult Film Studies (CAFS). I am sharing book one, which follows Mia Martin, a young woman who wants to be an adult film star and stumbles upon a college that will train her on exactly how to do so. Each week I will share 500-1000 words with you for your enjoyment. 

*The following contains explicit content, 18+ readers, please. Also, this is a draft copy which has not been edited for publication.

College of Adult Film Studies (CAFS)

(working title)

by D.W. Marshall

Chapter Two

Orientation (cont’d)

“Yes, I am.”

She smiles and it seems sincere enough. “Well, I have heard wonderful things about you. My name is Ms. Marie. I am in charge of placing you students in various internships during the course of your studies with us. If you should ever need anything seek me out.”

Whew. That went better than I thought. “Thank you, Ms. Marie.”

“Don’t think of it. Here is your packet. You will find your blank schedule, floor assignment, room number, and keys. You will also find information about today’s orientations.” She hands me the envelope.

“Thank you,” I say before heading toward the back set of glass doors as the arrows suggest we do.

Wow. Is all I can say. Just wow. It’s like stepping foot into another world. This place is a resort-981750_960_720mega resort, not a school. Let me paint the picture for you. Think adult playground, so of course there is a pool, but not just any pool. This one has a beach entry, with a sandy beach! The pool is crystal clear. There is a bar in the pool! Well the bartenders aren’t in the water, but the barstools are. There is a ramp that allows access to the bar should you not want to get wet. That’s not all, this place has a small water park area, with a lazy river that wraps itself around three slides. One with a straight shot to the water below and two that snake their way to the water. That, too, is not all, that would be later described as the wet area. The dry area has a huge grass lawn with picnic tables, built in sun protection, barbecue pits, putting greens, and beach volleyball. Genius! Not only am I going to learn the ins and outs of the entertainment business, but I am going to have so much fucking fun and hopefully make amazing friendships. Scattered in between all the fun are two additional buildings, smaller, but nearly as impressive as the first. There are signs in front of them.

One says Residences.

The other says Studios and Lab Space.


I follow a different flock of students into the residence building.

“Mia Martin,” I announce to the woman sitting behind the desk.

“Welcome Miss Martin,” she says. “You will need to arm your key to the building. Just slide it here, enter a simple four-digit code you will remember, wait for the beep, re-enter the number and you are set.”

I follow her instructions.

“You are all set. This key is also your room key. The same four-digit code will be needed to arm your door, but you only have to enter it once today and it will work without the code after that.”

“Thank you,” I say.

She hands me a badge with my picture on the front and a barcode on the back. “You will need this for equipment rental, space rental, and use of the labs. Just run the barcode through the scanner. If you lose your badge or room key you must report it immediately so that your badge can be deactivated.”

“Got it.”

“The elevators are to the left. Get off on the seventh floor.”

I smile at the woman. “Thank you.” I grab my rolling suitcase, my key and badge and make my way to the elevator. The door slides open the second I push it and I step inside.

“Hold the door!” A female voice shouts.

I press the door open button and wait. I wait longer. Just when I am about to let go of the button in walks Barbie. I should have let the door close. I mean big blonde hair, sickening sweet perfume, and so much fucking pink I might go blind. Here I am in a pair of flip flop’s and this, I don’t even have a proper label for what she is, is dolled up in a hot pink mini dress, sky high matching shoes, enough hair spray to go up in flames before you can count to three, and enough luggage to clothe the entire student body.

“A little help darling,” she sings with a southern drawl. I thank the heavens that my family is not native to Alabama. We actually moved there from Colorado when my mom remarried when I was in high school, so no southern accent for me.

I am afraid to touch anything for fear of becoming infected. Just when I am about to grab the most innocuous looking bag I am saved.

“Let me help you with that,” a deep voice says from behind her, and it is fucking Ken. Barbie and Ken. You have got to be kidding me. He is blonder than she is. I can’t. He helps her with all of her bags and we are on the move.

“I’m Candie, by the way,” she says to us.

It takes everything I have not to burst into laughter. Of course her name is Candie.

“I’m Kennedy, Ken for short.”

That’s it. I can’t help it, I burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“Something funny?” Candie asks.

“Nope,” I say in between giggles. “I’m Mia.” The elevator pings at the seventh floor and I dart out. “Bye!”

I just met what I am guessing are two of my classmates, I hope they don’t all look like that. Those two would never make it onto my DVD player. She probably fakes her orgasms.

Thank you so much for tuning in and reading about Mia’s new adventure. I will upload more next week!

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© Copyright 2016 D.W. Marshall