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Thank you for reading my new erotica series, College of Adult Film Studies (CAFS). I am sharing book one, which follows Mia Martin, a young woman who wants to be an adult film star and stumbles upon a college that will train her on exactly how to do so. Each week I will share 500-1000 words with you for your enjoyment. 

*The following contains explicit content, 18+ readers, please. Also, this is a draft copy which has not been edited for publication.

College of Adult Film Studies (CAFS)

(working title)

by D.W. Marshall

Quarter One

Mia (cont’d)

They all wear various expressions from pleased to not buying what I am selling.

“I have a question,” James says. “How do you feel about the idea that people you know or are even related to could see a movie that you are starring in?”

I consider his question. “Well, if they are watching a porn video than they are just as kinky as me, so I hope they enjoy themselves.”

That answer shocked them all. I’m sure they don’t believe all of my bravado. But I am dead serious, I want to be here like I want air.

“Can you take you clothes off, Mia?” Georgia asks me.

I nod. I stand up and pull my tank over my head. Then I unbutton my denim shorts and pull them down until they fall around my ankles, then I step out of them. I stand in front of the panel with my panties and bra. Next, I remove my bra, letting it fall to the ground. My breasts aren’t huge, but at a 34-C, they aren’t tiny either. My shoes and socks I take off next, followed by my panties that I peel off in as sexy a manner as I can, I maintain eye-contact with the panel as I do so. I am not shy at all, what I am is about to come apart at the seams because I want someone to bury their cock inside of me, I am wet and ready, standing here is killing me.

“What are you thinking, Mia?” Misty asks.


“Yes,” she says.

“I’m thinking that there are two sexy as hell men across from me that are naked from the waist down and right now I would like to meet them over there on that bed, and have one of them buried inside of me, while I give the other one a blowjob that just might kill him.”

The two men are out of their seats and heading to the bed, removing their shirts on the way. The women spin in their seats to watch the show. Rory takes his place on the bed, his healthy erection pointing in the air with the tip angled toward him, just like I like. Of course James is going to receive the blowjob, he teaches an oral pleasure class. He takes his position above Rory’s head, his meaty cock waiting, and I have to stop myself from running to get to them.

nude brunette

When I reach the bed, I climb up and hover for a second over Rory, my eyes on his, a wicked smile crosses my face, then I sink down onto him. Mmm. My pussy contracts and tightens around him, as I rotate my hips in deep delicious circles. Not forgetting the other cock waiting for my attention, I lock eyes with James. My hand finds the shaft of his cock and I pull him closer to me. I lick his tip repeatedly, before wrapping my lips around him. I begin to suck, pulling him deeper into my mouth while grinding the cock buried inside of me. If only there was one more dick in the room, I could have one stuffed into my ass. I am on fire as I ride one cock, and suck the other as if it is the best tasting dessert I have ever had the pleasure of eating. James comes first. Warm, thick liquid flows into my mouth, and like any woman who is obsessed with all things cock, I swallow. He gazes at me with awe.

With my attention only on the one buried inside of me, I work my favorite move, that I coined the turbo. I lift off of his cock and slam down on him grinding in deep, hard, quick circles. I only need to repeat the motion three times before Rory comes apart inside of me. Me, I’m not even close. I flip around because I am not done with them, I can go for hours. I told them I was born to do this shit. I motion with my ass for James to fill the emptiness that my pussy now feels. He is ready for me, and he slams his full length deep inside of me, I can’t help the squeal of delight that escapes my lips. While James goes to work fucking me so good, I take Rory’s cock into my mouth showing him my gratitude with each lick and suck, taking him deep into the back of my throat. I should have warned James that when I come, my pussy is a vice grip, tightening and contracting forcefully. He comes over and over inside of me, as I convulse and shake, moaning because this is what I live for. Rory comes into my mouth. I am finished with them. I leave them panting on the bed and I walk over to the chaise and take my seat—completely sated.

Everyone is looking at me like I have three heads.

Rory and James don’t bother getting dressed either, as they make their way back to their seats. “Wow, Mia you have a gift that I believe will only grow at our school. We’d like to welcome you to CAFS.”

I jump up and down. I am so excited. “Really? Thank you all so much.”

Thank you so much for tuning in and reading about Mia’s new adventure. I will upload more next week!

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© Copyright 2016 D.W. Marshall