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imagesOkay, so this weekend I went to see The Good Dinosaur with my sister from another mister and my God-daughter. I wanted to see it because it looked adorable. I haven’t seen a kids’ flick in a long time because my kids are 13 and 17. That said, my 17-year-old saw it before me. I forgot that Disney movies can be so morbid and brutal. Why do they always have to kill off a parent? Is this a way to teach kids at a young age that they might lose their parents? I guess if a five-year-old loses their mom and dad they can think….

Bambi lost his mom.

Simba lost his dad in The Lion King.

Tarzan lost his parents to a leopard.

Cinderella loses her father.

Snow White loses her folks.

Tiana loses her father in The Princess and The Frog.

And more recently, Ana and Elsa lose their parents in Frozen.

The Good Dinosaur loses his father and the little cave boy lost both of his parents.

I’m just saying, I was a tad mortified when I looked around at all the little kids this weekend listening to their little-shocked voices until I remembered that Disney has been offing parent’s since I was a kid. I guess if it didn’t scar my little brother and me or our kids, then today’s kids will be okay too.

But, I still have to ask the question: Why?????