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Here's to FallingI am at my new favorite place to write, Grouchy Joes and it’s 10:47 in the morning. I got a late start because I stayed up until 5 am reading a damn book that I couldn’t put down! Thanks a lot Christine Zolendz, you did it again. You managed to squeeze love, angst, betrayal, grief, fun, and friendship into a book that can be devoured in 24 hours! Well if you are a crack head like me that decides to pull an all-nighter!

Thank you for writing Here’s To Falling, I had to get up in the wee hours of the night and grab tissue to blow my nose from crying! Your writing style just does it for me. Perhaps, because it is similar to mine, to the point, no need to spend 15 pages describing a chair, it’s a fucking chair, right?

Thanks again, D.W