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love-316640_1280Okay folks, so I said that I would chat with you guys about red flags next, and perhaps that will come up. But really I want to talk about what happens after those first few dates and you think you found the ONE.

Disclaimer ( I haven’t been on a million dates, I’ve been with my husband since I was 18). That being said, I feel like my advice comes from observations, my own relationships (romantic and platonic), and my general feeling about people.

Most people that I have been around are so excited in those early days of dating. It’s someone new and the idea of what that can bring into your life makes you feel alive! I get it! But, before you get too ga ga over him or her, don’t forget about yourself.

If you don’t smoke and get sick from the smell of it, you may not want to date a smoker…that’s an easy one.

They are not all that easy, I promise. I guess my point is that you have to be true to yourself in all parts of the relationship, even when your giddy “I met the most amazing …” Or “I think this is the one.” Here’s the thing if you go against who you are in your soul for someone else, you won’t be happy.

In this life you will be happier finding someone who is willing and happy to go on life’s journey with you, and the only way that can ever happen is if you are true to yourself.

AKA don’t settle, because I promise people don’t change for anybody but themselves.

More on that statement later!

Remember stay true to who you are👊

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