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8615553278_bd8be73c4dI am by no means an expert on relationships. I don’t think anyone really is. What I do know is people. People always ask me relationship advice and I happily give it. But I only give it when I am asked. I am not big on butting into peoples business. Sure if I saw something police worthy I would help a fellow person out, but that is not what we are talking about here. I would like to start a blog series on relationships! My first question is about my audience. Who is my audience?

The short answer. I don’t have one, yet.

Conversation #1

My first conversation about relationships is going to be about the beginning. I am talking about the honeymoon phase. This is the phase where each person tells you everything you want to hear, but shows you nothing. Of course, why wouldn’t they. You don’t lead with the fact that you are a hoarder or the fact that you’re ex is stalking you! Everyone, and I mean everyone leads with their best foot!!!

So what is my point? Before you get too over-the-top-running-and-singing-in-the-streets-gaga over your new guy or gal, remember that no one is as perfect as they seem in the early stages of dating, not even you! This is important. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be excited for the prospect of new love in your life, you should. But this is also the stage where you should be paying attention. You should be watching for what your new guy or gal is going to show you! Because you can only hide the ex, or the single pathway through your place lined with everything you have collected since you were five! I’m sure you’re not a hoarder 🙂

My point is, the real you and the real them, will be coming around soon to meet. I don’t think it a good idea to ignore or be blind for this all important introduction! This is when the real relationship starts!!!

I’m just sayin’


Next weeks conversation….All those red flags!!!