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all_about_editing_group_cover_by_thdianaduh-d6oe8amLet me start by saying I absolutely love my editor, Julia. I have been working with her for nearly 3 years! When I presented Stolen Flame, Book 1 in the Seven Chamber Series, to her–we had a great time during the editing process. She challenged me to make a good story, what I am proud to call an amazing story! She has gone on to edit Weeping Violet, and Shattered Sapphire, which are the second and third book in the series, and I will be sending Book 4, Raven’s Storm to her very soon!

Recently, I contacted Julia and passed on to her two books that I had written more than 7 years ago. I was so excited to get her feedback on the two stories. One, a middle grade novel, and the other a romance. Now, let me start by saying, I hadn’t looked at these manuscripts since I wrote them so many years back!

He response? Oh Dear! She basically said they were not at the quality of my recent work, and without even knowing, she inquired if I had written them a long time ago. As for the content, she felt they had the bones to be great stories. However, at the moment they were just bones, and if I wanted to make them great stories, I had my work cut out for me.

See why I love my editor!!!

This brings to the here and now! Some people would be saddened or have their feelings hurt by this feedback! Not me! To me, first and foremost, it was a complement to the writer I have grown to be in 7 years! Secondly, I see it as a challenge to make those beloved stories even better!

So, in addition to working on my Seven Chamber Series, I have added the task of making my romance story better. Julia said it had bones!! Well, I am adding the tendons, muscles, nerves, and skin to make it an amazing story!

And, to take you on the journey with me, I’d like to share my writing as I go along, chapter by chapter!