Ready for the next Fifty Shades of Grey Movie, NOW!


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grey-el-james_0So, when I heard that E.L. James was releasing a copy of Grey, my first reaction was why? I mean, I wasn’t left wondering what Christian was feeling during my reading of the first three books. To me, James did a good enough job describing his personality that I could easily guess what he was thinking. Still, without an inkling of a desire to read Grey, I pre-ordered it!!!! So far it almost a blue-print of the first book and I am not disappointed! After all, I rather enjoyed Shane’s perspective using this same format in Scars and Songs, by Christine Zolendz.

Bottom line, I am a reader through and through. I already fell in love with Christian and Anastasia. So why not indulge a little deeper into the mind of a control freak? I will add that I am annoyed that so much time is being taken between releases of the movies? This is how people lose interest!!!!!! Besides, the zombie apocalypse could happen by the time the second movie comes out. I’m just sayin’

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