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Burned-Karen-Marie-MoningJust finished Burned, by Karen Marie Moning. It was SO good! I read it in every room of my house, in my car (not while I was driving). I completely ignored my husband, according to him, while I read about Mac and Barrons latest quest. My kindle actually played a mean trick on me, stating that I had 10% left in the book, but when I turned the page I realized I was done! Arg!!!

I started this series with book one, Dark Fever as a free book on my Nook. Yes, I have a Nook and a Kindle, I couldn’t help myself, I love to read! I immediately fell in love with the story’s protagonist Mackayla Lane and her quest to find her sister’s killer. Talk about hopping from the frying pan. Mac hops back and forth during her search that takes place in Ireland. I love Jericho Barron’s, who plays a big part in her journey. The author was clever, making me worry until the very end if Jericho Barron’s is a good guy or a bad guy. Sometimes seven books in, I’m still not sure, but I love him anyway.

Moning painted a story over of her series with dark and interesting characters. Some of her other worldly characters are so dynamic and full of life that she managed to develop a believable story in a very unbelievable world.

If I could speak directly to Karen I would say please release two books at a time, because leaving me hanging on that cliff until your next book comes out is just plain mean :-)

D.W. Marshall