When you lose someone you love dearly how do you go on? Where do you find the strength? What can you do to honor them now that they are no longer with you? These are the questions that I am asking myself right now and everyday. With the loss of my best friend, my twin, my brother….how can I pick up the pieces when They are shattered all around me?
Faith? I have that.
Hope? I have that too.
Belief in a better place than here on earth? I do.
But even with an entire spiritual arsenal I feel out of my own body. I tried to write last night, because my pen has been saving me my whole life. I guess it just wasn’t ready to give me what I needed. My wounds, too fresh. My heart, too broken. I will find my way out of the darkness….I will find the light again, because my new angel up in heaven won’t let it go down any other way💔–>❤️soon I hope.