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My very first relationship started along time ago. Circa 1976. I was in the first grade. I can’t remember my first grade teachers name, as you will learn, if you decide to take this journey with me…growing up I had too many teachers to even attempt to recall any of them by name.

It must have been him or her, that first grade teacher that introduced me to stories because that was the year I became obsessed! I would come home from school and ask my mom, or my grandmother for some paper and a pencil.

With the dexterity and precision of a six year old, I would cut and fold this paper until it resembled the pages of a book. After the new pages were secured with a staple or two, I began weaving stories. Mostly about the water bug family or the ant family. They had a mom and dad, and siblings, and even went to school. Their adventures were only limited to my young vocabulary and fine motor endurance.

I loved my little bug books. I remember having volumes of stories about them. I wish I still had them to refer back to. But sadly I do not. This is where my love affair with my pen, back then pencil-began.

Stay tuned for my next segment. When others began taking notice of my love of writing.

Stay creative,